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FortiGuard Labs | FortiGuard Center - Outbreak Alerts

ConnectWise ScreenConnect Attack

Threat actors including ransomware gangs are seen exploiting newly discovered critical flaws in remote monitoring and management software called ScreenConnect.

Outbreak Alert- Annual Report 2023

FortiGuard Labs published a total of 38 Outbreak Alerts in the year 2023 comprising of 23 Significant Vulnerabilities, 8 Targeted Attack Campaigns, 4 OT/IoT Threats and 3 Malware related Threats. Read the full Annual Report to review the observed significant threats in 2023 and on-going.

Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure Attack

Widespread exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure gateways underway.
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Protecting your business is number priority these days. Dark parking lots putting you and your employees in danger. Thieves on the outside of your business taking what isn't theirs. Even more scary thieves on the inside taking what they want, knowing that no one is watching them, and knowing that they are trusted. Family stealing from family. Vandals walking the streets destroying your property. Unfortunately these situations are a reality nowadays.

With our help you can Protect your assets, yourself, your employees, and your loved ones with a simple Surveillance System. The systems we install will make you feel safer knowing that your assets are being watched when you are unable to watch them yourself.

With an outdoor color camera that changes to black and white in low light attached to a motion sensor you can be sure that that dark parking lot isn't going to be scary anymore.

With a Digital Video Recording Card, or a Digital Video Recorder you will have remote access to view your cameras anytime over the internet for a little extra security.

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