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Internet Security Related News

Microsoft Tackles Election Security with Bug Bounties

Researchers can earn up to $15,000, depending on the severity of the bug found.

Execs Could Face Jail Time For Privacy Violations

The bill is a direct shot at big tech companies like Facebook as senators try to reel in data-collection policies.

Major Airport Malware Attack Shines a Light on OT Security

A cryptomining infection spread to half of the workstations at a major international airport.

Four-Year-Old Critical Linux Wi-Fi Bug Allows System Compromise

A patch is currently under revision but has not yet been incorporated into the Linux kernel.

Podcast: Insider Attacks May Soon Cost Less Than Malware-based Equivalent

At what point will infiltrating companies via the "insider threat model" become less costly and difficult than using malware? Threatpost discusses with a SolarWind expert.

Zappos Offers Users 10% Discount in 2012 Breach Settlement

Lawyers will get $1.6 million in a settlement that stems from a breach that affected more than 24 million customers.

Phorpiex Botnet Shifts Gears From Ransomware to Sextortion

A decade-old botnet is using infected computers to send out sextortion emails, in a wide-scale campaign with the potential to reach millions of victims.

Hacking Back? BriansClub Dark Web Attack a Boon for Banks

The theft of 26 million card records from an underground site offers valuable intel for banks.

Trump Campaign Website Left Open to Email Server Hijack

A misconfigured website development tool exposed hundreds of email servers to takeover, including President Donald Trump's official campaign website.

Cisco Aironet Access Points Plagued By Critical, High-Severity Flaws

Cisco has issued patches for critical and high-severity vulnerabilities in its Aironet access point devices.

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