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Internet Security Related News

No Evidence of GandCrab Leveraging SMB Exploit – Yet

Researchers found a new version of GandCrab - but no evidence that the ransomware is using the same SMB exploit as Wannacry.

Newsmaker Interview: Bruce Schneier on ‘Going Dark’ and the Crypto Arms Race

Noted cryptographer waxes on the threats posed by physical cyber systems, 'going dark' and a crypto arms race.

DanaBot Trojan Targets Bank Customers In Phishing Scam

A new phishing scam purports to be MYOB invoices - but really contains a novel banking trojan.

Justice Department Indicts 12 Russian Nationals Tied to 2016 Election Hacking

Indictments are part of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Indian iPhone Spy Campaign Used Fake MDM Platform

Cyberattackers have used a bogus mobile device management (MDM) system to target a small - but presumably high-value - set of iPhones in India in a cyberespionage campaign that has some unusual hallmarks.

ThreatList: Bug Bounty Payouts Increase Six Percent for Critical Vulnerabilities

HackerOne's 2018 Hacker-Powered Security Report showed that the average award for critical vulnerabilities has increased.

Sextortionists Shift Scare Tactics to Include Legit Passwords

The scam emails offer, as proof of compromise, a password associated with the target's online accounts.

Unsanctioned Apps Invite Fox into Cybersecurity Hen House

In this InfoSec Insider, Tim Bandos looks at why network admins will want to keep a close watch on network traffic within the enterprise.

Hacker Compromises Air Force Captain to Steal Sensitive Drone Info

The thief also had a second dataset, including the M1 Abrams maintenance manual, a tank platoon training course, a crew survival course and documentation on improvised explosive device (IED) mitigation tactics.

Cisco Patches High-Severity Bug in VoIP Phones

Cisco also patched three medium-security flaws in its network security offerings; and, it issued a fix for a high-severity bug in its platform for mobile operator routers, StarOS.

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