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Akira Ransomware

FortiGuard Labs continue to observe detections in the wild related to the Akira ransomware group. According to the new report by CISA it has targeted over 250 organizations since the past year, affecting numerous businesses and critical infrastructure entities across North America, Europe, and Australia. The gang has made over $42 million from the attacks as ransom payments.

PAN-OS GlobalProtect Command Injection Vulnerability

The attack on PAN-OS GlobalProtect devices identified as CVE-2024-3400 allows a malicious actor to remotely exploit an unauthenticated command injection vulnerability that leads to remote code execution. Once established, the attacker can further collect configurations, deliver malware payloads and move laterally and internally.

Sunhillo SureLine Command Injection Attack

The attack on Sunhillo SureLine identified as CVE-2021-36380 allows a malicious actor to exploit an unauthenticated OS Command Injection vulnerability. Once established, the attacker can gain command over the targeted system and potentially achieving full system compromise.

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